Friday, June 18, 2010

Lady Kenmore with pearls

Ahhhhhh, this week the charm of bungalow 21 is wearing thin!
My picture of the lovely first owner gliding down the stairs in her 50's dress, kitten heels and string of pearls, to beam over her new lady Kenmore and sing while doing the laundry has been put on hold- hopefully not totally banished

Reality is the stairs to the basement are a NIGHTMARE, I always feel like I am going to dive headfirst down them and then my sweet Lady Kenmore has become an old maid -
two and a half hours to dry one load and even though it is just Mr Wonderful and I we are generating a lot of laundry, so that is a ton of up and down the stairs to push the - you are STILL not dry - button

So my dear old maid you have to go to make way for an updated model - luckily we have one in storage left from evielove's old apt

On a more exciting note we have started to install the air conditioning!!!!!
I am soooooo waiting for the minute I can have a hot flash and not pass out due to the temp between me and the house being over 100 degrees

scary stairs and uggggg looking extremely dirty,without the flash you can't see all that dirt in real life - we have great plans to put in a new curved staircase

good bye my sweet lady kenmore, I will wear pearls in honor of you!

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