Saturday, June 12, 2010

scary me

So last night after blog hopping into the wee hours I decided to tootle off to bed.
I turned out the light and started slowly toward the door, because you know how your eyes have to adjust to the light, when BAM someone was standing right in front of me

Scared me to death and I jumped back and some how managed to become tangled up with my roll around office chair. I ended up on the floor with the chair on top of me - ugg

By this time my adrenalin had kicked in and I had great eye sight, so I get up and the door is closed and I'm thinking this is soooo bizarre

So I go back to the door and my shadow looms up larger than life on the door back lit from the outdoor light

Yes, I literally scared myself

I am soooo losing it - hahahahha

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