Wednesday, July 7, 2010


How beautiful is this allium - I took this at a fencing demonstration which Mr Fab was in. It was held in an old English Tudor mansion - very cool and Mr Fab was fabulous indeed - he is a true entertainer and the crowd loved him
Spent the day today with a best friend and had a great time - laughed so much and yet accomplished a ton - we are redoing her house,very satisfying to watch a project come together
On the Bungalow 21 front, Mr Fab put up a whole room of storage shelving today - it is fantastic and will hold so much - all those Christmas boxes and all the kidos stuff from when they were little - all will be safe and sound until they have kidos of their own and want to show them all the cute things they did.
So on friday I should be able to start to unpack the last pod -stuffed to the brim -but some things I think will look good in the kidos apartments if they don't all fit in the bungalow
We have decided on the plan for the renovations - lots of walls coming down and a new staircase and a big pantry that will be amazing - I am getting excited!!

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