Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm obsessed....

with laundry rooms!! I spend loads (hehe) of time looking at loverly rooms on the web
Like this beautiful one - ohlala

or this 0ne - cute and friendly

the problem is I love them all -sooooooo what shall I do to make mine look great

Right now it looks like this

uggggg - so anything would look better - right ?

I am also doing one for my girlfriend and hers is going to be an amazing transformation too
I need to get a picture of her room right now too and then I can put up after pictures
It is really going to feel like something is happening! The basement will be transformed - four walls are coming down and two are going back up - one being a new wall to make my laundry room! Iunloaded the pod all by my lonesome - thousands of boxes, okay maybe not thousands but it felt like it hehehehe into the great new storage room Mr. Fabulous made for me -it will be amazingly organized after we redo the kitchen and I can unpack all the kitchen boxes.
My muscles are aching today!!!!
Okay I am about to watch design star and try and gleam some cool ideas!!!

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