Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back Again

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Found this lovely picture on and it so reminded me of what I look like as I hang my pictures lol lol- well one can always strive for perfection!
Life just kind of flew by me over the holidays - too many parties, too much decorating, too many presents - okay well you can never have too many presents
Mine were all divine - a trip to New York City from Mr. Wonderful, a new dyson from number one son (is it wrong to lurvvve a vacuum cleaner???) and Evielove gave me a fabulous class called soul restoration - it is totally changing my life!!!
Then it was January and my bestie gave her annual tree burning party -so we had to do all kinds of decorating beforehand and then whoosh it's now Feb
So we are still working away here at bungalow 21 and I am taking lots of photos that I will post
soon -have done some fabulous spraypainting redos and reupholstering redos
Evielove and I have been searching the consignment stores and flea markets for some one of a kind pieces and things are coming together!!!!
I hope to get back into the groove of blogging so will talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. YAY blog post! And you totally look like that when you hang photos.


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