Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swap Box!

I am in a swap!!!!! Very, very excited! This is the first one I will be participating in - It is hosted by a great blog -Speckled Egg (again if I could figure out how to do a direct link I would)

So I have two partners - one from California and one from New York - how cool is that??!!

We have to make little decorated boxes and fill them with all things black and white and then send them out to each other for a great surprise!! So I can't reveal my goodies that I am putting in but I will say one of my besties and I went out to the flea markets to find some great vintage things!! So when they arrive I will let you all know what cool things I received!!!!


  1. Yaaaaaay! Look at us being all blogified!!! Also, please remind me to show you how to link things.

  2. Hey swap partner.... I love your enthusiasm! Swaps are big fun, and I hope you're pleased when you get your package. - Amy Bauer


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