Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Estate Sale Goodies

Evielove and I found two great estate sales on Sunday. Sundays are our favorite because everything is 50%off and there are usually still lots of great things left. So we got there early enough to get the first round of numbers and then enjoyed the fabulous weather until we got in the houses. The first one netted us some great old books and lovely cocktail napkins. But the second house was in an incredible old neighborhood and was so charming! It was full of all sorts of beautiful things and it is sooo much fun to get things for $1.00

 Look at this great old hatbox and the two little hats are covered in vintage flowers!!! Too sweet
We also scored some great linens, bags of lace, sweet tea cups and beautiful stemware

oooooooooo - had soooo much fun!!!

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