Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too cool not to love


You know how while blog hopping you find things and go ooooooooooh I want my house to look like that,or, I want to make those and then you bookmark all those blogs and soon you have five million bookmarks and can't remember where anything was???
Well, Evielove set me up a pinterest account and it has been the most fun - I have all my favorite things on boards and then they connect right to the blog for all the information - HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!
You have to try this out - I am becoming addicted - I love it when someone pins something of mine and I love to be followed and all the other boards are so beautiful and make me happy just looking at them

So here is the link to my boards

Follow me and of course Evielove too - Really- go now- it will make your day!!!


  1. This sounds so cool. I am off to check it out! Just wanted to say HI! I am participating in the Brave Girls Hop this weekend:)


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