Thursday, July 15, 2010

The search is on

for these!!!

I was just catching up on my favorite blogs when what should I find on Such Pretty Things- Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers I am crazy excited - I know this may seem crazy crazy but I love to collect great packaging and who doesn't love animal crackers and Lily Pulitzer !!

You should definitely check out Such Pretty Things - she has a great blog and does a FANTASTIC Target Tuesday. So I am assuming she bought these at Target which is where I will be tomorrow am !!!!

I have a gorgeous Lilly dress that I bought a number of years ago while we were on vacation in Key West and I rarely ever wear it because Mr Fabulous thinks it looks like I'm wearing the curtains hehehehehe but this has inspired me to find it in one of my boxes and throw it on!!! and then wear it to target to buy some animal crackers - YAY okay maybe I'm going a little overboard now

the other little piece of info I gleamed tonite was I have been saying YEA but meaning YAY - hmmmmm

okay back to the blogs!!!!

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