Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Accidental Biker

So I got a call this am from Evielove
Hi mumsie
Hi sweetie, what's up
Well we're at the hospital -
What - WHY ??????
Turns out number one son fell off grandpa's bicycle going ninety miles an hour, hit the road and skidded to a painful stop OUCH
The kiddos are in Canada visiting my parents and it's a long way away from me
So getting a we're in the hospital call is heart wrenching to say the least - when Evielove said number one son fell off grandpa's bike I was a little relieved as really how much damage can you do falling off a bike?! When she phoned with an update to say he was having xrays for broken bones in his chest, arm and leg - I admit I was panicked and waiting for the next phone call was a bit nerve racking -but luckily no bones were broken just some major sprains, road rash and lots of bruising! He was on some great pain meds when I spoke to him so all seems okay.
Even when your kiddos are grownup it still seems like they are toddlers when they get hurt,
as I was telling Evielove how to handle the doctors and to not make any decisions without calling dad first, she had to remind me that they could handle this :) and they did - beautifully
They are cutting their vacation short to come home and recuperate and even though Grandma would take great care of them (she is amazing at feeding them!) I am glad I will see them soon
It was also amazing that I could get pictures over our phones and see he was okay instantly - so even though i don't really get the whole technology boom -today I was super glad we have it!

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