Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Heart this....

How perfect is this!! Evielove and I were checking out my all things crafty room because I have been a busy busy bee unpacking all the boxes and look what appeared in my window!!
This window is actually what got me into the house when we were house hunting - love love love the diamond panes and then when I found out it would be my all things crafty room - well how could I resist.
Bungalow 21 is on a bit of a snails pace right now as Mr Wonderful has been doing lots and lots of outside jobs - certainly can't complain about that but I do believe next week we will be back to taking down more walls in the basement. YAY
In the mean time I have been having loads of fun sewing - am making a beautiful quilt and doing some little collages - hmmmmmm Christmas in August maybe???!!!!

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