Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After a sore knee turned into excruciating pain when bending and I could no longer fool myself into thinking taking 6 motrin at a time every two hours was normal, I broke down and had number one son take me to the doctor - okay Evie love threatened him with unspeakables if he didn't take me. After three hours in the doctors and a number of very painful ex rays and prodding ( why the prodding???) it was revealed that I no longer have any bursa and my bones grating together have caused some bad pain - ya think??!!! So good old fashioned bursitis hits me again - not bad enough that I have it in both hips and an elbow but now it's in the knee - uggggg and the doc says I can look forward to it in all my joints because once you get it in two it usually travels everywhere. Yay me!!!!
So I came out of the doctors in a rigid brace from my thigh practically to my ankle and on crutches. Number one son thought this was hysterical and I have to admit it was pretty funny - how did I get to this age and not ever have crutches???? I was so obsessed with just trying to stay upright on the crutches that we left without getting my blood work done oops hahahaha so now I have to go back in the am to have that done and make sure there is no infection or gout - yes that's right gout - OMG I thought only really old, freaky people got gout -I am just assuming there is none because really if I have gout just shoot me now

Here's the thing about having no flexibility in your knee - how do you get in the car????? that was quite the joke- finally number one son had to do some magical maneuvering putting me in at an angle etc etc ,then I get home to Mr Fabulous in hysterics and while he is out getting me pain meds, I try to go to the potty - yeah getting down is okay but then I somehow got myself wedged between the toilet and the tub and had to call for reinforcements -but oops he's at the store- so it wasn't pretty and I terrified the dogs with my yelps okay screams of pain OMG x2

Luckily I am on some pretty good pain killers now and I have to say having my knee immobilized does really feel good. Finally Evie love came over so she could have a good laugh too - but I have to say I really am soooo glad I have such a great family to make me laugh so much that I do feel better!!!

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  1. Remember, place the crutches and then swing your leg. :-p


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