Saturday, September 18, 2010

Barn Tour

Today I spent the day out at the farm cleaning my tack and trimming my horses manes and giving them baths. The farm where I board them is on a barn tour to raise money for a charity that pairs off the track race horses with men in prison to rehabilitate both of them. It's a great program and one I am happy to support. So we all had to have our horses gleaming and our tack shiny for all the people to oooh and ahhh over.

I was so happy to be there and the barn was buzzing with energy and it felt great. It was the first time since hurting my knee that I wasn't kinda bummed while I was there. It made me realize that just because can't actually ride, I can still enjoy being out there just dolling out hugs and kisses to my guys. In fact Miss Sophie has gotten so used to just being groomed and eating four hundred treats every time I arrive that as soon as she hears my voice she starts banging on her door and my Nevar justs loves me anyway since he is retired and used to only getting love.

Isn't my Sophie girl gorgeous? She actually loves to run around on her own so should keep herself in good shape until I can ride again. I might have to begin riding in a western saddle or maybe an australian saddle so I don't have to bend my knee while I ride - hmmmm

Here is Evielove with Sophie and Ema's horse Picasso. See how big Sohie is!!!! Evielove came as my groom to one of my show's. Look at Sophie's beautiful braids! Evielove is super duper cute!!

And here is my gorgeous old man Nevar. He is the kindest horse and he still, after 20 some years, comes running to me in the field as soon as I call his name!!!

So tomorrow I will tour all the other barns and check out just how clean everyone else's horses are. Ha ha just kidding - okay maybe not :)

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